Sage Jaabaali was a unique character in Ramayana who entered into a Verbal Duel with Rama. When Bharatha was sensing imminent failure of his efforts to bring Rama back, he prodded all elders to put in efforts towards this end. Sage Jaabaali stepped in and infuriated Rama by his arguments similar to the later day Charvaka and other agnostic or Buddhist traditions. Rama in a rare display of annoyance wondered if his father was right in choosing him as a courtier. Maharishi Vashishta stepped in to assure Rama that Sage Jaabaali was also an adherent of Vedic Dharma and he needn’t have any qualms about it. Rama who was quick in forgiving follies of contrite people, even had Sage Jaabaali participate and take a lead part in his coronation. This brief prologue is to seek indulgence of readers since some of my views here could be like that of Jaabaali ie., to drive home a point, some of the premises advanced in this blog could sound rhetorical and some of the syllogisms put forward, could sound polemical. Please understand that the author like Jaabaali though not as erudite, knows the Dharma of Modern Law. 
In this blog, all matters relating to the Profession of CA to which the author belongs will be discussed, hopefully in periodic intervals – as frequently as a Saturday rolls over to the next Saturday. For my blogs on other topics please refer to vidyuthi.blogspot.com

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